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the days in which we filmed were the most important because its the main parts we needed for the project.

in regards to my final project i learned that we need to prioritize our time so that we can finish everything that needs to be finished. If what we chose for our project was too hard, we should have considered something else.

During our final project we used a video camera. We then imported the footage with a USB cord onto adobe premier to edit the video.

During our final project we worked on team work skills, cimputer skills and leasership skills.

During the 3 days of filming they were the most important/ interesting because i enjoyed the filming and had never used a video camera before and the footage was the main part to the project.

day 10

today we started editing our video.

Day 9

Today I completed the first version of my director poster

Today we uploaded our footage into the computer and watches what we have

Today we went out and filmed again because we are still missing stuff

Today we went out and filmed again because we realized we missed some footage

Today we went out and filmed for the last day

Today we continued filming

Today me Carissa Brianna and taneesha went to different classes and taped things we need for out video

Today I chose Clint Eastwood as my director and did research about him.

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